European Facial

$175 1 1/2 hour

Get fresh dewy soft skin with the ultimate luxurious pamper facial. Hands are dipped in a lavender-scented paraffin and wrapped in soft terry mitts. A luscious Hydrophyllic Oil & Herbalizer cleanser whisks away makeup, pollution, and debris while the Clarisonic brush prepares the skin for optimum absorption. Glycolic and botanical enzyme peels are brushed on and activated with relaxing, hydrating Ozone steam. Lips are glossed with a delicious non-petroleum lip balm. A warm wrap infused with Lavender removes the peel. Manual extractions eliminate comedones and milia. A cooling Vitamin C Spray refreshes, an Azulen Toner rinses, and essential oils of Lavender and Chamomile calm redness. A high frequency Tesla light sterilizes the pores to prevent breakout. For total relaxation a hypnotic blend of organic essential oils is massaged into your neck, shoulder, and face and Ayurvedic Indian Amla Oil is massaged into the scalp. A custom blended mask laced with honey hydrates and reconditions the skin. Paraffin is removed and hands are gently massaged with a lotion of Cocoa Butter, Tiger’s Balm and essential oils. Healing Bee Beautiful and Crash Balm applied with an ice cold Beauty Globe leave your skin silky smooth, fresh and dewy.