From my very first visit with the beautiful Nan, where I was pampered and with an amazing facial, I emerged looking and feeling better than I can ever remember. I had spent years being self-conscious about my face and struggling with skin issues. Nan’s expertise, common-sense, high quality products, and amazing service have made a visible and fabulous difference in the feel and appearance of my face. After only a year of regular care, I don’t have any skin “problems” anymore, my eyebrows are perfect, and this has both simplified and improved my life. You owe it to yourself to see Nan, and take the best possible care of your own beautiful face.
Lynne Rutter   Ornamentalist & Decorative Painter

Tucked away in a beautiful courtyard off Union St. in San Francisco, Nanskin is a treasure for anyone who values healthy, beautiful skin. I have been going to Nanskin for nearly a decade and Nan has transformed my skin. There is no one like her in the Bay Area. Her facials are both therapeutic and rejuvenating. Nan really gets to know every pore on your face, so she can spot any red flags that could be health risks. As a result of regular visits to Nan in combination with some of her amazing products, my skin is more supple, smoother and has a healthy glow.
Barbara Zamost   Zamost Public Relations

Nan is not only magic for your skin, she is magic for your soul! Nanskin has been the central part of my beauty regime for over six years and I look forward to each and every appointment. Nan has treated me like family since the first time I walked through her doors and her care, advice and nurturing touch has my skin looking fabulous. Nan’s personalized style means that she knows my skin better than I do and always has the right recipe of products for me – not to mention her spot on recommendations for the perfect date night restaurant or must-see new movie. There is nothing like walking down Union Street with a dewy face and perfect brows while clutching your fresh Nanskin bag stocked with yummy new products and fun samples. I simply love Nan and you will too!
Stephanie Hess

Once upon a time I had clown eyebrows. You know the kind that makes you look perpetually surprised and results from a bad waxing job or botched plastic surgery. Then I met Nan. Not only did she fix my brows but she made my skin look phenomenal! Ten years later I am a devout once a month European facial kinda gal and am the proud recipient of frequent compliments on my great skin. Thanks Nan!
Drusie Davis

I was one of those midlife women suffering the insult of late-onset adolescent acne and early-onset wrinkles at the same time. I’d tried a number of skin experts and purchased an embarrassing amount of expensive product — all to no avail. No change or improvement. After fewer than six months, Nan had me turned around. My skin is so clear now that I don’t even need foundation, let alone concealer. Thanks for making it fun, Nan!
Leslie McC   Corporate Director & Mother of Three

Nanskin is one of San Francisco’s wonderful jewels. Nan has transformed my sense of beauty and the importance of skin care. Because I have not had major skin problems I have been somewhat lazy in the act of taking care of my skin. I have, of course, known how important it is to establish good habits, including facials and have had many facials over the years. Also, over the years, I have been talked into purchasing complex and expensive skincare products and regimes. All of these have failed miserably for me within weeks of purchase. They always just seemed like too much trouble. Nan changed all that for me, by really taking the time to find a skin regime that worked for me. She would give me samples of her different products assuring me that when I found the right products that I would “know it” — If I had the “right” products, I would want to use them all the time. And she was right! I must have tried almost every one of Nan’s products – but now, thanks to her generosity, I have found the perfect match of moisturizers and cleansers for me. I can’t imagine my face without Nanskin! Going to see Nan is such a positive and inspiring experience. She is such a professional in what she does and she has a most radiant personality! Nothing is better than going to her peaceful oasis, relaxing with a glass of wine and getting the full pampering Nan treatment! I have even brought my kids to see Nan! I have two boys both with budding skin problems and because my husband had terrible problems with acne as an adolescent I wanted to help my sons take care of their skin. Nan has been a wonderful influence on both boys. And although I wouldn’t say they are religious about their skin care, they now both better understand the importance of good hygiene, and are establishing healthy habits. Go see Nan, it will change how your see your skin and yourself.
Mary Austin    Center for the Books

I love NANSKIN, and it’s not only because I LOVE Nan!!! I have been getting facials from Nan for almost 10 years and wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else…in fact, I did once, years ago and never made that mistake again. Stepping into NANSKIN feels like finding a little slice of chic spa paradise in the city. Nan welcomes you with a warm hug and kiss, if you’re lucky, and sways about in her sassy, sexy way, only Nan can, getting you ready to be fluffed up. Stepping into the facial room feels like stepping into a temple space with great tunes. The relaxation begins immediately. Once Nan gets her hands on you, the only thing to do is surrender. Nan cleans clogged pores like nobody’s business with a passion and thoroughness unmatched. Though it may be a little intense at times, there’s a fantastic massage waiting for you on the other end of the extractions to look forward to! I always leave NANSKIN feeling refreshed, renewed & RADIANT!
Elana Auerbach    Mama, Priestess & Circle Guide

I have been going to Nan for my facials for over 15 years. When I came home from college, I searched for the right facialist and found Nan. I did not need to look any further. She is an amazing women. Nan looks fantastic and keeps my skin in it’s best condition. My mom and sister-in-law now go to her as well. Go to Nan to feel pampered and have prefect skin. Nan has a wonderful line of products as well. You will be not be disappointed.
Brenda Byrnes

Why I love Nan – When Nan opens her door and greets me with” Hello beautiful, come in, would you like a glass of wine darling?” I start to feel relaxed and at ease with the world. Nan is so beautiful inside and out and makes you feel the same when you get treatments from her….and the products are amazing! My daughter and I both love going to the world of Nan which is peaceful, pampering, luxurious, and well divine! My only regret is we don’t get to go as often as we would like.
Claire Marie Johnston    Flowers Claire Marie

I might set a record – I’ve been coming to Nanskin for fabulous treatments for 20 years!!!! There is NO ONE like Nan. She is simply the best. I walk in to her salon with a bad skin day, or even just a bad day, and she sets everything right. Her products are fabulous, practical, realiable and reasonable. She offers personal service that is unprecedented in any other salon. She honestly CARES about me, my family and my skin! I truly value her as a person and as a friend. She has enriched my life tenfold and I can only hope she continues her magic!
Julie Shafer    Development & Philanthropy

Before I met Nan, I had semi-regular facials at a big name salon in downtown SF. Scheduling was touchy, since I could count on a 2-3 day “recovery” period while my angry skin calmed down. In the twenty years (oh, my gosh, has it been that long!) since then, my facials with Nan have been pure heaven. I count on Nan to rejuvenate me. Now, I travel over 100 miles, round trip, for this treat. Certainly, there are fantastic spas closer to home, but why mess with success?
Nicole Dolinar

I have acne. I have tried Accutane, antibiotics, Retin A, Proactive, light therapy and I have gone to many facialists. I finally found Nan after my dermatologist Dr Kathy Fields recommended her. Nan is great! As a physician myself, I was impressed by Nan’s knowledge in various dermatological problems. I was also very impressed by her technique. After a very thorough and deep cleaning by Nan, my skin is smooth and calm without any bumps. I have to thank Nan for making me feel more beautiful and confident.
Sheena Kong MD    Internal Medicine & Medical Spa

I find myself smiling as I walk down the street after a visit with Nan. I wonder why I’ve waited so long to visit Nan when I always emerge from the salon glowing with supple clear hydrated skin. Besides all the peels, masks and steaming there’s the fun girl-chat and it all contributes to improving my entire being. Also, I can’t live without Nan’s Wine Balm–smells amazing and heals any little skin abrasion too- like that boyfriend beard-burn!
Allyn Davis

I’ve seen Nan regularly for the past few months, and plan to continue to make facials with her a regular part of my life. Nan is absolutely lovely and I completely trust her skills and recommendations. I always look forward to my appointment–it’s a treat to myself, and she makes me feel beautiful inside and out. I’m so happy with how my complexion has smoothed. I experienced results right after my first facial, and my skin is now better than it has been in years. I also love her products, especially the sunscreen because it smells so fresh and summery.
Jennifer Lane   Bodyworker & owner of Mobilize

I have been seeing Nan since 1996. I am a healer and through the years have gone through tremendous transitions. Our bodies reflect all of this in the process. Nan has always had an amazing gift, she can see and interpret the changes and what is correct for my skin every time. It is never the same because of the constant change but, she has always amazed me with the treatments being perfect. My skin and heart always feel loved and rejuvenated when I leave her.
Christi Mider    Divine Light Worker

Nanskin has been a speed dial on my cell phone for more than 11 years. Over the past decade Nan has provided me with beautiful, glowy skin and I am extremely grateful to her. There are 100’s of skin places, spas and estheticians in the city, but I choose Nan for the ultimate facial experience. I completely adore her “chill” courtyard space tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Nanskin is a place where I can relax, let go and be pampered by Nan. She is a talented esthetician with a caring and professional approach to her work. She is also fun and full of laughter and smiles. Her products are among the best I’ve ever used and she is always generous with the samples. Nan is definitely on my crave list.
Anne Aymakoglu   Body Harmony

I’ve been going to Nanskin for my facials for over 10 years. With each visit, I always learn new tips and beauty tricks from Nan. My skin glows after a facial and although Nan does deep cleansing and extractions, I can step out to dinner immediately following my treatment because I don’t have any irritation or redness. I always get compliments on my complexion which I attribute to Nan’s beauty treatments, regimen and skincare products. Not only will you learn about skincare when you visit Nanskin, but you are guaranteed to learn some fabulous lifestyle tips to keep you healthy, young and sexy!
Audrey Gerber

I have been seeing Nan for a few years now. I first went for a facial after the make-up artist for my wedding had highly recommended her to me. Not only do I walk out after a facial with skin that looks and feels great, but Nan always arms me with a few goodies to try out and a list of some fab restaurants or services to check out too. I love love love her products! My skin gets wrecked when I have run out of her stuff and have to use something else. She has obviously put in a lot of time, research and heart in everything she makes and you get to glow from the results of her hard work. I try to stick to the simple daily regime she suggests because it works. Nan’s energy is infectious — and without sounding completely corny, it’s not only about facials, it’s the great “live life to the fullest” vibe you get when you are with her. Thanks Nan!
Yuko Tsuchiya

You know you are somewhere special when you enter the courtyard. Nanskin is the most welcoming skincare salon in San Francisco. The minute you walk in the door Nan presumes your intrinsic beauty and by the end of your treatment helps you fully embrace it and carry it forward. Personal perception of and belief in ones inner and outer beauty are fragile things. In Nan’s hands, they are fully respected and enhanced with deep care and sensitivity. She is essentially a healer and her natural healing ability is the foundation for her commitment to expanding her lifelong learning, product knowledge and procedural expertise. These reasons coupled with visibly transforming results are why Nan is the only person I will ever trust to touch my and my daughter’s beauty and why Nanskin will continue to be a major part of not only our beauty regimes but our lives for years to come.
Suya Caldwell

Nan banished my zits! I developed acne at the age of 32 and was miserable. A dermatologist explained he was limited in what he could do for my sensitive skin. Not believing but willing to try anything, I visited Nan on the suggestion of a friend. I was skeptical that she would recommend very frequent visits and expensive lotions and potions. Nan popped my pores and soothed my skin and recommended a simple course of face wash, pimple cream and moisturizer – and it worked! In a couple of months I was zit-free! Ten years later, I still visit Nan regularly and I am still free from breakouts and have tight pores and clear skin. Her products are so potent, a small bottle lasts me months and she has the only non-stinging facial sunscreen I’ve found. The fact that she can reduce me to hysterical giggles is just an added bonus!
Charel Margison-Evans

More than being an extraordinarily talented esthetician, Nan is a truly great person. She makes coming to her salon a true get away that I look forward to, I always come away with new skin care samples, new restaurants to try, as well as looking and feeling better than when I walked in. Her facials are incomparable; she is a true expert in her field. She focuses on extractions in her facials and in conjunction with her peels, my face is always healed and glowing when I leave and continues to improve in the days afterwards. Since I’ve been seeing Nan regularly for three years now, my skin has never looked better. Her products are fantastic and she will tailor them just for your needs. She never gives a one size fits all facial but really focuses on individual needs and specific problems you may be having with your skin. I really can’t say enough great things about the quality of her facials and the great experience I always have when I go. She makes you look and feel beautiful.
Kelly Blake

Nan’s facials are always about the vibe and warm welcome when I first walk in the door, to the yummy ambiance, and aromas and options and her TLC on my skin. It always feels like I’ve indulged and been “pampered up”. My skin looks and feels phenomenal afterwards!
Jill Wharton

Nan knows her business very well. When I walk out of her salon, I feel well cared for, spiritually confident , and calm after a well deserved 20 minutes or so. Her choice of music thrills me and the scents are calming. Thank you Nan, my eyelashes never looked better girlfriend!
Diane Martinez

I first landed in Nan’s salon in the early 1990’s fresh off my youthful indiscretions with tanning salons. I quickly became a reformed “tanorexic” and a committed Nan customer. Nearly two decades later I have no reason to consider putting my face in someone else’s hands. While many facialists make you feel and look good temporarily and slather on cleansers, scrubs and moisturizers with little individualized care, Nan dedicates more time and scrutiny to your face, and she determines what products and services are appropriate to your concerns. Her peels and pore extraction sessions are the epidermal equivalent of a serious workout and should be requirements of any responsible skin care regiment. Her tantalizing perks of flavored lip balms, sips of wine, miscellaneous surprise epicurean treats, and her intimate and tastefully decorated space leave one in a state of bliss. While the aforementioned services rejuvenate the body, Nan’s generous spirit and good-humored straight talk serve the soul. Like so many of her clients, Nan is self-made and self possessed, and she provides an excellent role model for 21st century women. Nan brings a wealth of lived experiences to much more than just skin care tips: if you want the skinny on the latest urban hot spot, she’ll tell you where it is. If you need advice, she’ll tell it like it is. In sum, the one-woman operation of Nanskin gives new meaning to the concept of “full service” and will leave you glowing both inside and out.
Ruth Miller    Artist & Art Professor

Almost 18 years ago I lucked out and made an appointment with a facialist down the street from where I lived in the city. I chose this particular place based solely on location but ended up with the best facial, facial products and facialist I had ever had! I continued to see Nan once a month for the next 10 years that I lived in the city. I not only fell in love with her amazing facials but also with her. She is as talented as she is beautiful and one of the most gracious people I know. Not only does she give the most enjoyable facial experience ever but she also has the most amazing products out there. Since day one I have faithfully used the EGF cream and still use it today. I adore the Cherry Wash which I keep in my shower and I love calling and having Nan send me fun facial masks here and there. Chocolate, orange, pumpkin…..they are all fabulous! I miss seeing my good friend Nan on a regular basis but I continue to use her products. In short, no one compares to Nan. Her facials are the best in the world and I have the skin to prove it.
Jill Marquis-Fritz

Self-chosen potions and routines weren’t working for me, so earlier this year Nan took over, switching half my products to those she supplied and launching a simple, cheerful routine I follow happily. Soon lines disappeared; my face became lush, bright and healthy, and I understand why. Outsourcing these decisions, and getting Nan’s regular review and cleaning, brings me wise long-term affordable self-care. And Nan is fun, too!
Charlie Graham

I always make sure to go to Nanskin at least twice a year. I have been “Nanonized” for the last 15 years. I feel that she has customized a facial just for me. We have such a good time while I am being pampered. She is a professional and current with her suggestions of skin care products. One of my favorite parts about going to Nanskin is the free trials she graciously gives me at the end. I highly recommend Nanskin as THE place to go for a facial. In fact, I make the trip from Palo Alto because I know she will take care of me.
Kat Alioshin    Freelance Film Producer

Growing up, I didn’t really face the typical teenage acne or skin concerns that some do – call me lucky. I moved to an obscure desert location for college, and am convinced that the poor air quality along with other environmental factors altered my body’s chemistry, clogged my pores, etc. At the end of my first year, a collection of huge red, pimple-like bumps had broken out all over my forehead. The worse part was that these bumps never showed any signs of rising to the surface, so attempting to clear the pores was practically impossible. I dealt with this for over a year, not knowing what I could do about it. Finally, I went to see a dermatologist. He diagnosed me as having acne, and proceeded to give me a drying wash and some cream. I used these products for about 6 months, to no avail. One afternoon, I was trading pimple stories a co-worker who then told me about her sister’s acne and how Nan was able to clear it all up. I didn’t have anything to loose. Enter Nan. One visit to 1850 Union and the change was immediate. She did a mini-facial on me where clogged pores were extracted, which was my main concern. Slowly but surely, as the weeks went on, I noticed that there weren’t new red bumpy pimples coming in. By the time I saw her again a couple months later, my forehead was pretty much cleared up WITHOUT any SCARRING. 7 years later, I still see Nan on a regular basis. She keeps my skin looking fresh. I always walk out of there with my face feeling clean and supple. I’ve since sent a handful of friends to her, whom all have also raved to me about Nan. I heart Nan, and her Nanskin.
Benita Ho

I have been coming to Nan for her fabulous facials for the past 15 years — sometimes as often as 2 or 3 times a month! Not only do I come for the amazing treatments and products, but also for the sheer nurturing pleasure of being in Nan’s private, relaxing, cozy paradise of sound, scent and healing — a space from which I always emerge rejeuvenated. Nan has a true gift for caring…for the skin as well as for the mind and spirit.

Nanskin is THE best facial I’ve every experienced! I have been a devotee for more than 10 years. In addition to great facials Nanskin products are not just off the shelf but unique blends that are fresh and new. At Nan’s suggestion, I took four different products (embryol eye cream, vitamin bliss cream, hyaluronic cream, and jojoba crystal butter) on a recent trip to Canada to see polar bears. It was VERY cold and my face was never dry the entire time. I’d recommend Nanskin anytime because It’s always “personal” with Nan… she gives you her best!
Sharon Sittloh      Photographer & Poet

I’ve been seeing Nan for over 10 years now. She always makes you feel so welcome in her cozy salon, and her services are impeccable!
Johanna Baruch     Fine Artist

Nan has provided me with exceptional service since I first made an appointment with her in the spring of 1998. I trust her implicitly for advice and insight into the best care for my skin, and her expertise in all things related to health and well-being informs her practice and the development of her unique skin-care products. Her salon provides a personal space that is both relaxing and rejuvenating, for skin-care as well as the soul!
Maggie Donahue   Senior Project Manager

Nan is a necessity, a part of my beauty routine, a relaxing moment of time in our crazy/busy world, always fun, flexible and accommodating and someone I can call a friend after all of these years. Nan’s products are fabulous, unlike any other, effective and healing. I couldn’t live without the carrot cream!
Jenny Joslen Hill    Beauty Counter Consultant & mother of 3